Celebrities and Twitter

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First let me say that I have met more than my share of celebrities over the years.  Some were down to earth folks and some..well…not so much.  To give you an idea, I am an old biker and semi-retired personal security person.  I look rough and can be rough…I have ran with my share of the “bad element”.  I say that to make you understand that what I am is not a kiss up by any means.  If I think you need to get delt with, I will do so.  So take what I am about to write as the truth as an old roughneck biker sees it.  About a year ago, I had a friend who is way more computer savvy than me tell me about this thing called Twitter.  He helped me set up my account and showed me how to use it and I was impressed.  I also noticed that numerous celebrities that I enjoy watching had Twitter accounts.  I would post things but noticed I never got a response.  Now I know they have thousands of followers and who the hell am I?  But I soon  noticed many of them use it to self promote and don’t answer any tweets from fans.  There was one glowing exception that I noticed from a group who happen to be on my favorite show.  The show I speak of is Sons of Anarchy.  Now it is a rough cut type show and it’s main writer, Kurt Sutter, quite frankly is a little touched.  But if you will take it from an old biker man, it is pretty factual as far as how the inner workings of a MC works.  Kurt is a talented man,  Kurt was also smart enough to assemble a cast that works his scripts into magic.  Now, with the exception of Ron Perlman and Katie Segal, most of the cast is made up of lesser known but exceptional actors.  But this is what struck me about them.  A vast amjority of the cast has a twitter page and when you send them a tweet, they actually respond.  I speak of Theo Rossi, Ally Waker, Danny Trejo, Kristen Renton, Christopher D Reed, and even Kurt Sutter himself.  What that tells me is that the old biker mentality of taking care of those who take care of you has rubbed off on this cast.  If you join the Twitter family of SOA fans on Twitter, you will see what I mean.  The show is starting season five and it’s popularity is growing and growing.  Now, the fact it is an awesomely written and group of actors portraying both loved and unloved characters does help,  I fully believe their connection with their fans via Twitter makes the show successful.  Some other celebrities could learn a lot from their example. Nuff said.  IF you have a twitter account, you can come find me Lone_Wolf_Inc and I’ll show you what I mean.  Oh and stop by the FX network Tuesdays at 10:00PM and enjoy the ride!


Penn State

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First let me say that am truly sorry for the victims in the Penn State case. I have no sympathy at all for anyone who had knowledge of this incident and did nothing. The talk is of “moral obligation”. Well I don’t agree. I believe it goes well beyond that. While it is obvious that Sandusky is the monster of this whole thing, it appears that everyone feels like everybody else only had a “moral obligation” to do something about it. This is not a case of somebody stealing office supplies where you have a “moral obligation” to report it to your bosses. No…innocent children were victimized by a predator..raped..sodomized…and will have the emotional scars for the rest of their lives. Mike McQueary seems to be the least held responsible for what happened yet he WITNESSED it. He did nothing to stop it..he didn’t call the authorities..no..he told his dad and coach Paterno. Really? At the very least he should have gone straight to the authorities. He had a “moral obligation” to save the child from harm by whatever means necessary from this predator. He should be charged with aiding and abetting since he did nothing to stop it. From there the failures go from coach Paterno all the way to the college president. This attitude of “moral obligation” just shows what is really wrong with society today. Paterno and everone else involved should have stayed on top of this and when no immediate action was taken, should have instituted it themselves. They put the college and themselves above the safety of these poor children. Maybe they should all go to jail and maybe if “Bubba” gets a hold of them the prison guards should have a “moral obligation” to save them. Maybe not.


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For almost 30 years of my life I have been a biker. I have rode with 1%ers. I have rode with weekend warriors. Basically, they all have one thing in common: the love of riding. Now if you have never rode on a bike (and yes I am a die hard Harley man) you have no idea what you are missing. There is something freeing about having the open air blowing through your hair. (Unless you are bald like me) Another thing all bike riders have is a deep appreciation for each other. IT is like the biggest fraternity on the planet. Now I am not going to tell you that there aren’t some bad elements within the family. But who’s family doesn’t have a few? The FX show Sons of Anarchy gives you an excellent glimpse into the life of a 1%er type of rider. They are truly what that entails but even they are known to stop and render assistance to a fellow biker who is broke down. I love my biker brethren and encourage everyone to join. Unless you don’t enjoy fun.


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On Friday I did something I have never done before. I went to a golf course with a bunch of my buds. Now I don’t golf..but they do. Or at least they try. Being left handed, I don’t have the luxury of using anybody’s clubs so I just drove a cart. I always thought golf was a giant waste of time..chasing a little white ball all over the place seemed stupid to me. But I had a blast. I realized it isn’t about the game..it’s about the fun. It’s about spending time with people you like. It’s about bonding…about enjoying the fresh air. Yeah…I never touched a club..never hit a ball..but I had the time of my life. I look forward to the next time. Imagine that.

Real TV

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Ok..I confess…I like watching TV.   Right now my favorite show happens to be Sons Of Anarchy.  Not just because it is about bikers but because it is about realism.  You see a true TV show shows things as they really are.  On Sons, the characters are far from perfect but they are as real as they can get.  They do some really bad things but they also do some really good things.  The show gives you an inside look at how a “Biker Club” works (Yes I do know) and shows you that they too have families and problems.  It shows you the true bond between brothers.  Kurt Sutter, the writer, spent time with various clubs to get a feel for how things worked and brought it to his scripts.  This my friends is a true REALITY show.  You see there is where the problem is:  the so-called reality shows that people drone on about.  Those shows are about as real as Bigfoot I hate to tell you.  Now on the other hand…I confess… I like the WWE.  Reality? Not by a long shot.  But then…they tell you up front it isn’t.  It’s entertainment.  It’s the closest thing a man has to a soap opera.  It is exactly what it says it is..entertaining.  But it is also a dangerous business where the reality is these guys and gals get hurt…sometimes severly.  But the reality is they love what they do..they must because they come back after injuries that would put most athletes out of business.  Did I say athletes?  Yeah I did and they are.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try and you’ll find out.  I am glad college football is back…couldn’t care less about pro football though.  The days of the real football player is gone.  Now days the pro players are more interested in dollar signs than sacking the QB or running for a touchdown.  They are spoiled little whiners that couldn’t hold a player like Lyle Alzado’s jock strap.  Reality is:  TV has become less reality based..not more.  Just my opinion.

Failing Schools

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I just finished reading an article on fox news about a high school in Rhode Island that fired all of the teachers last year in an effort to “improve student performance”.  Amazingly, this measure failed.  According to the article, only 7% of the juniors were proficient in math.  That was the only statistic mentioned in the article.  They also mention that a majority of the student body speaks another language other than English as their primary language.  I have to assume this means the scores for English and other subjects isn’t good either.  The administration used a President Obama backed rule that allows for poorly performing schools to terminate the staff as a way of correcting the problem.  The White House all but applauded the effort when it occurred stating that it would be a lesson for all and that things would be better.  Well, that didn’t happen.  The school has since rehired the teachers and now most of them are quitting or not showing up for work.  Now the White House has no comment.  I have decided to comment in their absence.  I am not a teacher nor a school administrator but I do have a few solutions that have to be better than those chosen.  It seems to me that when you have a poorly performing school, there is plenty of blame to go around.  The administration, teachers, students, and parents are all part of the problem. They are also part of the solution.  The administration should be actively pursuing high quality teachers.  The school board should be finding incentives to get these high quality teachers to come into this school through better benefits, better pay, and more support.  Same for hiring an administration at the school that is supportive of the teachers.  Parents should demand this and support it by a tax referendum if necessary.  It is their kids future on the line.  Pay a little now or pay a lot in the future.  Adequate, competent, and secure teachers and students creates a learning environment that is the same.  If there are bad apples..weed them out.  I can’t possibly believe that all the teachers are bad.  Maybe the school system should take a lesson from the show Undercover Boss.  For those unfamiliar with the show, it basically takes an executive from a major company and disguises them as a worker within the company and they go to work doing day to day jobs at the labor level.  All these executives have learned at least some ways to help make their companies better.  It is time to start treating our schools like exactly what they are…a business.  If they aren’t, then explain to me how a majority of private schools seem to excel.  Ironically, in most cases, the teachers salaries at these schools is less than in the public school system.  But with a supportive administration and parents, they make it work.  Something to think about.

Invasion at Wounded Knee

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Today I read an article in USA Today that made me furious. Last Saturday, May 1st, The Colorado Army National Guard decided to participate in what tribal leaders called a healing event. For background, Wounded Knee was the sight of the slaughter of more than 300 Lakota Indian men, women, and children by the infamous Seventh Calvary in 1890. The Guard decided it would be a good idea to land three Black Hawk helicopters at the site to attend the ceremonies. Needless to say, the Native Americans that were descended from those who died at Wounded Knee were upset and launched a protest that resulted in one helicopter only being on the ground a minute or two and the other two never landing. In the Guards defense, they did believe it had been approved by the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. However, it had not been approved by those living on the site. It was chalked up to being a case of miscommunication. However, considering the Guard’s purpose was “to better understand our shared histories” and “to learn from our mistakes in the past”..it appears they have done neither. Flying into a sacred area on combat helicopters wouldn’t exactly convince me that you are there to “heal” anything. It was a bad move on the military’s behalf no matter what. Out of respect, they should have landed at a different location and arranged transportation to the event. I hope the Colorado Army National Guard learns from this mistake and never makes it again. While I respect and admire anyone serving this country, I respect those who were here first as well.